Extreme Rimfire Silhouette

The Foxhole in Gainesville is a major sponsor of ERS for 2016


Special Announcement Registration will begin at 7:45 and shooting will start at 8:30 sharp.

We will be testing out a new class this year - .22 SACS (Semi-Auto Class Squirrel). The qualifications will be the same as the existing Squirrel Class but applied to production unmodified .22 rimfire semi-automatics such as the Ruger 10/22's or Remington 597's. If successful, I'm sure a SACU (Semi-Auto Class Unlimited) will not be far behind. So dust off those old semi-autos you have in the closet, mount up a 3X9 power scope and come on out and have a great time with us shootin' little bitty metal targets out to 212 yards.

This new class will hopefully draw a few more shooters to our events. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the firing line.   Good Luck!

This match is for rimfire firearms. The targets are made from ¼" and 3/8" steel plate and are cut in the shape, silhouette, of different animals. The chickens are 3/8" and pigs, turkeys, and rams are ¼". Target damage will not be tolerated. Any firearm damaging targets will be removed from the firing line. The goal of the contest is to hit and knock off the rail as many of the silhouettes as possible. The targets consist of: 10 chickens at 75 meters, 10 pigs at 112 meters, 10 turkeys at 144 meters, 10 mini targets at 144 meters, and 10 rams at 189 meters.

This sport is best shot with a spotter. It is up to each shooter to arrange for a spotter. The spotter’s task will be to read and interpret the wind and other conditions, and then relay this information to the shooter so that they can make adjustments as necessary to get and stay on target. Each shooter will be provided a score card. A perfect score will be 40 points. The 10 mini targets are bonus targets.


The range master will call "shooters to the line" at this time all shooters will bring to the line their gun. After the shooters have made the necessary preparations to their position, they will be given the command "READY". At this time empty chamber indicators may be removed from the firearm and can be loaded and made ready. The "READY" period is 15 seconds long. After the "READY" period the shooters will be given the command "FIRE" each shooter will then have 10 minutes to fire as many sighter shots as they feel necessary, and then ten record shots. When the shooter completes his sighter shots he will notify his spotter that he is going for score, and he will then fire one shot at each of his 10 targets.


The targets will be shot from left to right; any target shot out of order will be scored a miss. After the shooter begins his record shots no further sighter shots will be allowed.




CLASS IDENTIFICATION/ QUALIFICATIONS                                 AUGUST/ 2015


Production .22 caliber rimfire rifles - including single shot, bolt, semi-automatic, and lever actions with factory tapered barrel.

*Wood or composite factory stock 

*Rifles are limited to maximum scope magnification of 9X


**Heavy and/ or fluted barrels are not permitted.

**Rifles are not allowed to have any non-factory alterations or customizations.

**Adjustable stocks not allowed.

**Adjustable Objective (AO) on scopes not allowed



Production .22 caliber rimfire rifles - including single shot, bolt, and lever actions

*Non-adjustable Bench Rest stocks allowed.

*Factory medium and heavy non-tapered barrels are allowed.

*Factory fluted barrels are allowed.

*Rifles are allowed to be customized (i.e. triggers tuned, barrel bedding, etc.)

*Unlimited scope magnification with AO allowed.


**Thumbhole stocks not allowed.

**Barrel tuners are not allowed

**Restrictive mechanical rifle support not allowed.



Production and / or custom .22 caliber rimfire rifles – including single shot, bolt, and lever actions.

*Unlimited barrel configurations allowed.

*Custom stock configurations allowed.

*Unlimited scope magnification with AO allowed

*Barrel tuners allowed.

*Unlimited rifle supports allowed.



Production .17 HMR & .22 Mag caliber rimfire rifles - including single shot, bolt, semi-automatic, or lever actions.

*Non-adjustable Bench Rest stocks allowed.

*Factory medium and heavy non-tapered barrels are allowed.

*Factory fluted barrels are allowed.

*Rifles are allowed to be customized (i.e. triggers tuned, barrel bedding, etc.)

*Unlimited scope magnification with AO allowed.


**Thumbhole stocks not allowed.

**Barrel tuners are not allowed

**Restrictive mechanical rifle support not allowed.



Production and/ or custom semi-auto .22 caliber rimfire rifle only

*Heavy barrel configurations allowed

*Custom stock configuration allowed

*Unlimited scope magnification including Adjustable Objective (AO)

*Trigger tuning allowed including aftermarket replacements




Production .22 caliber rimfire rifle - including bolt, semi-automatic, break barrel, and lever actions.

*Requires open “Iron” sights and / or adjustable “peep” sights.

*Heavy non-tapered barrels allowed. 

** No sight magnification allowed.



Production and/ or custom single shot, bolt action, or semi-Auto .22 & .17 Caliber rimfire pistols

*Unlimited barrel configurations allowed.

*Custom stock configurations allowed.

*Unlimited scope magnification with AO allowed

*Barrel tuners allowed.

*Unlimited Pistol supports allowed


Scores, Match Updates and Info about future matches


Feb. and March scores and report

February/March  2015  Match Report / David Cote - SC                                

2/21/2015 & 3/21/2015

February Flopped & March Madness                  

Our February Match fizzled because of inclement weather and left-over ice storm damage. We had three hardy participants shot three rounds and called it quits. David Dockery and Neal Truelove won their respective classes of Squirrel and BRS, both with a strong score of 37 made in poor conditions.

Very Special Thanks goes to Ron Dixon for steeping in for me so that I could attend my brothers’ funeral. I thank CGC for the opportunity to share our club with him a time or two as he enjoyed shooting and was quite a good shot. He will be missed.

Our March Match Madness fared much better with welcome warm temps and good shooting conditions, allowing five of the 18 participants to shoot six perfect 40X scores. Tom Butner picked up two - one in Squirrel and one in BRS, Robert Demuth had one in Squirrel, Ron Dixon got another in BRS, and the two last ones were made in the .17 Cal. Class by Larry Griffin and Neal Truelove. Great Shootin’ guys! Looks like we are tuning up to have another exciting year here at Extreme Rimfire Silhouette.

Our next match is slated for Saturday, April 18th. Registration opens at 7:45 and bullets start flying at 8:30. Why don’t you “mosey” on out, sit a spell, and enjoy a day of fun shootin’ and good fellowship with us down here at ERS… we’ll be looking for ya!

Remember to always “Aim Small  ‘n  Shoot Small”

ERS Scores and report

January  2015  Match Report / David Cote - SC                                                            1/17/2015
GOOD+ GOOD+ GOOD=GREAT!                                   
The SC took a holiday on the December Match Report, but the “LUCKY DOG” Award for 2014 went to Neal Truelove as his was the winning ticket drawn for the CZ 455 Rifle.
 Our January Match had GOOD weather, a GOOD turnout of 17 Shooter’s, GOOD scores and GREAT fellowship equaling a GREAT start of 2015! Temps in the upper 50’s and plenty of sun made for a very enjoyable day at CGC! Only two 40X’s today; Ron York II’s 1st round entry in Unlimited Pistol Class found 40 “dead” critters from his .17 Cal Anschutz 64P and Chris Craft brought his Savage .17 Cal. Rifle and proceeded to knock them all down, GOOD shooting gentlemen! The remaining top scores are as follows:
Squirrel Class – David Dockery – 38 Targets
Semi-Auto Class – Charlie Craft – 37 Targets
BRS Class – David Cote & Jerry Peck – 39 Targets
Unlimited Class – Chris Craft – 39 Targets
.22 Mag Class (T) – Charlie Craft – 38 Targets
Good to see Charlie Craft out and about, Ron Dixon was kind enough to chauffeur him and his 5 rifles and gear. And as you can see – He still holds his own with the best of these shooters! Heck, even Robby Lawrence made an appearance and shot a round. Thanks go out to all the participants who helped make this another great match. Special thanks go to Neal Truelove, who is an “Acting Assistant” until a CGC member steps up to help. Thanks also to Ron, Thaxton, Craig, & Larry for helping close down the match.
Our next match is scheduled for Saturday, February 21, 2015. Registration begins at 7:45, bullets start flying at 8:30. Hope to see ya there…
Remember to always “Aim Small  ‘n  Shoot Small”

November 2014 Match Report

November  2014  Match Report / David Cote - SC                                11/15/2014
AND THAT’S A WRAP!                             
Our November match wraps up another great year at Extreme Rimfire Silhouette. Our day started unseasonably cool at a brisk 27 degrees, with clear skies and light wind (thank goodness!) – causing our shooters to seek out some sunshine to warm up a bit between rounds. Fifteen (15) hardy souls came out and shot 24 entries, but no perfect scores were to be had. Freddie Norman was robbed of his 40X in .17 Cal. Class when one of his targets, although center hit, failed to fall. I’m sure he’ll get next time…
SAFETY GLASSES! We also had an incident today where the base of a .22 rimfire shell failed when shot – causing particles to blow past the bolt and peppered the face of one our shooters, and thankfully he was wearing his required shooting glasses. He brought it to my attention as a reminder to all of us at CGC to ALWAYS WEAR OUR EYE PROTECTION!
Our high scores for the day of each class are as follows:
Squirrel Class – David Dockery & Bruce Humphrey- Tied 1st -  38 targets
Semi-Auto Class – Neal Truelove & Anthony Cagle – Tied 1st – 37 targets
BRS Class – David Cote – 1st – 39 targets
Unlimited Class – Neal Truelove – 1st – 38 targets
.17 Cal. Class – Freddie Norman – 1st – 39 targets
Our December match is a FUN SHOOT and usually has a few twist thrown in just for fun… wonder what it might be this year??? Well, you are invited to come out and see for yourself! Bring any rimfire rifle you have, step up to the bench, and let’s pull some triggers. Last year we had some Turkey and Ham prizes to give away! So come on by on the third Saturday in December – the 20th and sit a spell with us. We are also having our Awards luncheon that day. Fun, Food, and good Fellowship – what more can to ask for!
I’m still looking for a club member to step up as my assistant, please contact me if you are interested.
Remember to always “Aim Small  ‘n  Shoot Small”

Extreme Rimfire Silhouette Scores and Report


August 16th, 2014                           Match Report


Our August Match found 16 participants shoot 34 entries on what felt like an early fall day – No Dog Days Here! Sunny with mild temps made it a great day to be at CGC having fun! We had 11 CGC members present for a strong showing from our club. We had a couple more “First” this day – First perfect score in our Semi-Auto Class by Ron York, and not to be out done, his son –Ron York II, shot a First perfect score in Unlimited Pistol! WOW! Good job guys! Bench-Rest Scope was again our heaviest participation class with 11 entries. The high class scores are as follows:

Squirrel Class           Robert Demuth       1st         38 targets

Semi-Auto Class      Ron York                   1st         40X targets

BRS Class                  Thaxton Stafford     1st         40X targets

Unlimited Class       David Cote                1st         40X targets

.17 Cal. Class             Neil Truelove                       1st         39 targets

.22 Cal. Class             Charlie Craft             1st         38 targets

Unlimited Pistol      Ron York II               1st         40X targets

We really have some incredible shooters here at CGC in Extreme Rimfire Silhouette!

I would like to thank my set-up and break down crew, Neil Truelove this morning and Ed and Alana Mundy this afternoon, as well as Thaxton & Charlie for cleaning up the line. It is folks like you that make this discipline possible. And I would be remised if I didn’t thank my faithful Assistant, Bob Smoller, who “runs the show” so that I get to shoot some.

Bob, my assistant, has advised me that he will be stepping down from his position after October. Please contact me if you would consider stepping up in service to this discipline as soon as possible, Bob said he would be available to “show you the ropes” with the registration and line training at our October Match.

Our next match is scheduled for Saturday, September 20th, 2014. If you are interested in some fun fellowship and challenging shootin’ - then come on by and try your hand at our little game.  Remember to always – *Aim Small & Shoot Small*

David A. Cote / SC